What is the difference between each version of Synergy?

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The three versions of Synergy are Synergy 1, Synergy 2, and Synergy 3. Each major version is a new product with significant differences. Learn more about Synergy features.

Synergy 3

Synergy 3 was launched on May 31st 2023, and is our newest version. We completely rebuilt our GUI (graphical user interface) from the ground up in Synergy 3, and implemented a brand new auto-discovery feature. The previous version, Synergy 2 taught us many lessons about what our customers wanted (and did not want) from our product. We're very proud of how Synergy 3 turned out, and we hope you love it as much as we do!

Synergy 3

Synergy 2

Synergy 2 was discontinued and is no longer supported. The Synergy 2 cloud servers, which are required to make Synergy 2 function, will be deactivated in late 2023. Once the cloud servers are offline, Synergy 2 will cease to function. Customers who purchased Synergy 2 have been given a free upgrade to Synergy 3, and also still retain their access to Synergy 1 which is still supported.

In May 2018, we decided to go back to beta with Synergy 2 (just 6 months after launching in Nov 2017). We realized that it was nowhere near ready, so we took it off general sale and went back to the drawing board, then began the process of issuing refunds to Synergy 2 customers. Shortly after, we decided not to continue with the development of Synergy 2 in order to devote resources to Synergy 3 development.

When Synergy 2 went back to beta, we emailed all of our customers to offer them a refund. While many customers took the refund, many instead decided to remain loyal and kept their license to fund development of Synergy 3.

Synergy 1

Still supported and in active development, Synergy 1 is the version that most people are familiar with. Synergy 1 was first introduced in 2001 and was initially maintained by a group of open source developers. This version of Synergy features a GUI that was created in 2009. We plan to support Synergy 1 until 2028, which means that it will have been in development for almost 3 decades.

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