Does Synergy work with iOS, Android, or ChromeOS?

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At the moment, Synergy does not support iOS, Android, or ChromeOS, but we plan to support them in the future.

Operating systems (OS), such as iOS, Android, and ChromeOS are commonly referred to as walled gardens or sandboxes. These OS protect themselves by enclosing running apps in a special area so that they are heavily restricted. Synergy interacts with the OS on a low-level, to capture and emulate keystrokes (when you press a key on your keyboard) and mouse events (clicks and movements). This is also the reason why Synergy is not available on the macOS App Store; apps downloaded from the macOS App Store apps can only run in a special sandboxed environment, and must pass strict rules which involve not interacting with the OS on a low-level.

To support Synergy on iOS, Android, or ChromeOS, we either need those OS to enable support for apps like Synergy, or we need to develop special hardware. Either way, we intend to eventually support these OS. It's only a matter of time.

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