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We have renamed the Maintenance License to Access Pass.

Customers felt that the maintenance license (now Access Pass) was too complex and confusing, and some customers even felt that it was too much like a subscription. We listened to your feedback and made the change.

How do I renew my license?

Depending on whether you have an Access Pass or an Elastic Access Pass...

  • If you have an expired Elastic Access Pass, you can go to your account to upgrade your Synergy 1 license to a permanent Synergy 3 license.
  • Or, if it's an Access Pass (not elastic), there will be no need to upgrade until we launch Synergy 4. If your Access Pass is valid when we launch Synergy 4, you'll get that too.

There is no longer an option to renew an Elastic Access Pass or Access Pass as this is no longer necessary.

What if I think something is wrong?

Please contact us if you think there is a problem with your account or you have the wrong type of access pass or license. We are always more than happy to help, and often it's a simple fix to your account. Our customers are the most important people in the world to us and if there's something wrong we want to put it right. Don't hesitate to reach out. We're super friendly.

Does any of this apply to businesses?

No, business customers have a separate product called Synergy Business. The Elastic Access Pass and Access Pass apply only to personal (non-business) customers. If you think there is a problem with your business account, please contact our business team.

Why do I have an Elastic Access Pass?

The Elastic Access Pass is complementary. It was given to all Synergy 1 customers who purchased before 8th July 2022. If you have Synergy 2, then you should have received a free upgrade to Synergy 3 (which does not expire). If you purchased between 8th July 2022 and 1st May 2024, then you should have an Access Pass instead (non-elastic).

When your Elastic Access Pass expires, you'll still be able to use the version of Synergy 3 that you downloaded and your serial key will still work. To access the download page and future updates you will need to upgrade your Synergy 1 license.

Is the Access Pass different to the Maintenance License?

Yes, the Access Pass is better. With the Maintenance License, once it expired, you lost access to software updates and technical support. With the Access Pass (non-elastic), you will not lose access to software updates and technical support. If you have a serial key that expires, you'll need to go to your account to get a new serial key which has no expiry date.

Can I still use Synergy 1?

Yes, you can continue to use Synergy 1. We are still actively developing and supporting Synergy 1 and there is no requirement to use Synergy 3. You do not need to upgrade.

Do you still sell the Access Pass?

We are no longer issuing the Elastic Access Pass or Access Pass. As of 1st May 2024, by popular demand, we have transitioned back to the simpler one-time purchase model.

What does 'lifetime' mean?

Please check our terms, under Lifetime of Products for the full description. We use 'lifetime' to refer to the lifetime of the product (not the customer). We use 'product' to refer to a major version of Synergy, such as Synergy 1 or Synergy 3 which are distinct products, each with their own lifetime. If you disagree with how we use the word 'lifetime' and believe it means your lifetime, please request a refund.

Any reference to 'Synergy' before 8th July 2022 refers to Synergy 1. At this time, we are planning to develop and support Synergy 1 until 2028 but we may extend this date. Synergy 1 was launched in 2001.

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