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Synergy (all versions)
Operating system:
Windows, macOS, and Linux

This article lists some of the common issues that you may experience.

We do plan to fix these problems, but until we do, this article should help with workarounds and solutions.

General issues

Problems that happen on all versions of Synergy.

One big screen problem

Synergy is designed to see all of the screens on one computer as one big screen. This is a design flaw that we plan to fix, but until then you'll need to make sure that you consider this when configuring the Screen layout.

Synergy 3 issues

Issues specific to Synergy 3.

Background service timeout

Some customers may see a background service error. If you're experiencing this issue, please see our help article: Troubleshooting the background service

Synergy 1 issues

Issues specific to Synergy 1.

Client name change

If you change the screen name in the Preferences window, you need to exit and open Synergy again for it to take effect.

Non UTF-8 characters

Synergy 1 doesn't support non UTF-8 characters in path names yet. So, if you're using Windows and your Windows user name has special non UTF-8 characters in it, e.g. ÜsérNäme, then this is likely to give you an error.

Workaround: Save the configuration file to a different path, for example: ~code~C:\Synergy\Synergy.conf~/code~

Read more: Troubleshooting for user ID with non UTF-8 characters

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