How do I activate a new serial key after upgrading?

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Synergy 3

In Synergy 3, the new serial key should be downloaded automatically when signing in.

If you have previously activated another key in Synergy 3 we have a help article that provides steps to change the license key:

How to update your license in Synergy 3

Synergy 1

When you upgrade to Synergy Ultimate, a new serial key is generated in your account after you purchase the upgrade. In Synergy 1, the new serial key is not downloaded automatically, so to take advantage of the upgrade, you'll need to use the new serial key in your account.

Follow these steps to use the new serial key in Synergy 1:

  1. Go to your Account page
  2. Copy your Serial key for Synergy 1 Pro or Synergy Ultimate
  3. Open Synergy on your computer
  4. Select File then Activate
  5. Enter the new serial key and save

You should now have TLS/SSL encryption and you should see the padlock on your main window to show that your connection is encrypted.

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