Born out of frustration with KVM switches...

The first incarnation of Synergy was CosmoSynergy, created by Richard Lee and Adam Feder then at Cosmo Software, at the end of 1996. They wrote it, and Chris Schoeneman contributed, to solve a problem: most of the engineers in Cosmo Software had both an Irix and a Windows box on their desks and KVM switch-boxes were expensive and annoying. CosmoSynergy was a great success but Cosmo Software declined to productize it and the company was later closed. Synergy is a from-scratch re-implementation of CosmoSynergy.

Symless, the company behind Synergy

In 2008, founded by Nick Bolton, Symless took over development of Synergy. Since then, we've been working hard to add new features and enhancements. We constantly release new updates to ensure that Synergy works on the latest versions of Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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The future of Synergy

We're working on the next major version of Synergy.
Check out the Synergy Roadmap to see what we have in store.

Key features

Key features synergy

Declutter your desk

Say goodbye to unneeded keyboards, mice and tangled wires.

Key features synergy

Clipboard sharing

Unlock copy and paste across all your computers.

Key features synergy

Safe and secure

Worry-free SSL/TLS enterprise-grade security over your local network.

Key features synergy

Make it your own

Advanced settings for network, hotkeys, layout, security and diagnostics.