Leadership Principles

The people of Symless live by these principles

Put the customer first

Listen as if you're perched by the fireside, hanging on every word of your wise grandma's captivating story, with each detail etched in your memory. Then, channel the inner superhero within you, ready to swoop in and rescue the day. Our ultimate aim is not just to have customers passing through, but to transform them into ardent advocates, spreading the tale of our excellence far and wide.

Take ownership

Approach every task as if it's your responsibility alone, a treasured cargo entrusted to your care. Once it's securely in your hands, it becomes your duty to navigate its course, ensuring it reaches its destination with the precision of a seasoned captain. While delegation can be a useful tool, always keep in mind that you are the one at the helm, guiding the ship through the unpredictable seas of challenges and opportunities, with the ultimate goal of reaching the shores of success.

Move the needle

Don't merely find yourself endlessly spinning on the hamster wheel; instead, ensure that each revolution generates electricity, powering your journey forward. When it comes to task prioritization, harness the transformative force of KPIs to illuminate your path. Embrace the notion that sometimes, "good enough for now" can outshine the elusive allure of "perfect never," propelling you toward your goals with efficiency and purpose.

Disagree and commit

Argue like an old married couple, then commit like one too. Engage in discussions like seasoned colleagues with a deep understanding of the matter at hand, allowing different perspectives to enrich the discourse. Then, when a decision is reached, align your efforts with the determination and unity seen in a well-coordinated team, committed to executing the chosen course of action with resolve and purpose.

Dig deep and stay curious

Be the Sherlock Holmes of your domain, honing your detective skills to uncover hidden insights and solutions. Dive deep into the complexities, but be mindful not to get lost in an ocean of details. Always maintain the spirit of inquiry, asking "how can we" with curiosity and open-mindedness, as it's often more fruitful than closing the door with a defeatist "we can't."

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