Synergy roadmap

This roadmap is a general guide to some of the ideas we're thinking about for future versions of Synergy. In some ways, it's more of a wishlist or collection of ideas.

Some of these feature ideas may make it into Synergy 3.1, or Synergy 3.2, but other things may have to wait until Synergy 4. Often, roadmaps actually have dates, but this one doesn't.

Bear in mind, these are ideas. We may not implement all of them.

Wayland support for Linux

Multi-touch gesture support for macOS

Auto-update and one-click update all

Easier layout editing for large setups

Re-introduce Raspberry Pi OS support

Copy and paste files between computers

Drag and drop files between computers

Screen positioning and complex screen layouts

Configuration profiles/groups for different setups

Scriptable API for software developers

Auto-switch the primary computer

Sync your screensaver on all computers

Sync the lock screen on all computers

Cursor wrap around at screen edge

Wake-on-LAN (WOL) for sleeping computers

Share audio from one computer to another

Auto-disable when running certain apps

Mirror a folder on all of your computers