Synergy Features

Do you own a business?

Companies like Disney, Pixar, Amazon and Google all have large multi-computer user bases. A multi-computer setup gives an employe more power and flexibility. Synergy combines multiple computers into one cohesive experience by sharing one mouse, one keyboard, one clipboard across computers. This saves time and effort when using multiple computers together.

Synergy for Business



Mouse and Keyboard Sharing

Share your mouse and keyboard between Windows, Mac and Linux computers

Share From Anywhere

Automatically control any other computer without reconfiguring

Easy Configuration

Configure without needing to know about IP addresses or network configuration

SSL Encryption

Protect your keystrokes from attackers who are using packet sniffers

Dynamic Networking

Smart networking detects the best route based on your setup

Always in the Background

Background services on all operating systems so you can simply set and forget

Clipboard Sharing

Copy and paste images and text between all of your computers

One time payment
(Lifetime access to Synergy 2)
One time payment
(Lifetime access to Synergy 2)