Switch between computers simply by moving your mouse

Synergy is the essential mouse and keyboard sharing tool for anyone who uses more than one computer at the same time.


Link all your computers

Connect as many computers as you have into one seamless experience. Share one mouse, trackpad, and keyboard between all of them.

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Seamless switching

Changing between computers is as simple as moving your mouse off the edge of one screen and onto another. It’s intuitive and fast and makes your multi-computer setup much simpler.

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Network security

Keep your data secure on the network

Protect your keystrokes and clipboard data sent over the network. Network security is provided through strong TLS/SSL encryption.

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Send data

Copy and paste between computers

Copy text and images from one computer, move your mouse to another computer, then paste. Simple but effective clipboard sharing between your computers.

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Key swapping

Swap keys automatically

Swap the Windows and Command keys automatically as you switch from Windows to Mac, allowing you to make use of built-in shortcuts such as Cmd+C (copy) and Windows+D (show desktop).

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Customise your keyboard

Powerful hotkey configuration options allow you to customize exactly what your keyboard does across all of your computers.

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How does it work?

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Reliable and fast

When you press a key on your keyboard or move your mouse, those actions are transferred at high speed over your local network (either WiFi or ethernet) to the computer you currently want to use.

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Private and secure

Synergy doesn’t connect to the Internet. Your keystrokes and clicks are sent directly between your computers, and that’s it. For the highest security needs, local TLS encryption is available in higher editions.

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Easy to set up

  1. Install on all your computers.
  2. Connect your mouse and keyboard to one of them.
  3. Start moving your mouse from screen to screen.

Amazing product. I've used it for several years on my Linux/Windows machines, and would highly recommend it to anyone who needs to use multiple computers at once.


Senior Embedded Software Engineer

5 star rating

This is the best keyboard / mouse sharing software out there. I have used others and while all of them are less than perfect, I have to rate this one the best.


5 star rating

I have several development PC's running various OS's and am tired of using KVM's. Synergy is a fantastic solution. I had it working within minutes of purchasing. This is a great tool.


5 star rating

I have a basic license and run synergy server on my MacBook Pro. I run synergy client on an nvidia tx2 dev board and also on a laptop with mint on ubuntu. Synergy works great. Exactly what I want. The mouse and keyboard work fine, copy-n-paste works fine. It's great.

Peter Leiser

5 star rating

Great software, works a treat across my 6pc's. When I had a problem (it was a Windows error) the support team were very quick to reply to my email and the advice given was second to none. Highly recommended

Ken Hutton

5 star rating