How can I receive a VAT invoice?

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For Synergy Basic and Pro

For the Basic and Pro editions (i.e. using Synergy for personal use), we include the cost of VAT in the version that you purchase.

However, please note that we do not provide VAT receipts for consumer purchases.

If you purchased Basic or Pro for business use, please review our EULA for the appropriate use of Synergy.

For Synergy Business and Enterprise

For Synergy Business or Enterprise, the VAT is dependent on your location.


If your business is based in the United Kingdom, we add 20% VAT. Our VAT number is GB005350620.


If your VAT-registered business is based in the EU, we do not charge VAT. However, we are required to report all EU business sales (for the purpose of statistics). Each EU business is responsible for applying a reverse VAT charge within their own system. This means that the EU business is responsible for paying the VAT to their local government, assuming that the VAT from the purchase of Synergy is not recoverable for that business.

Outside of the UK/EU

If your business is based outside of the UK or the EU, no VAT is required.

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