How to update your license in Synergy 3

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Synergy 3
Operating system:
Windows, macOS, and Linux

In Synergy 3, the license types that can be used are the following:

  1. Synergy
  2. Synergy Ultimate
  3. Synergy Business

If you are migrating over from Synergy 3 Alpha or Beta, the stored license key may be from the older licensing structure, therefore you may see a "License is invalid!" message.

Innovator, Early Adopter, and Synergy 2 upgrade customers have automatically been a new license that will work with Synergy 3.

The new license key can be applied to Synergy 3 with the following steps:

  1. On Windows: Click the About menu at the top of the window
  2. On macOS: Click Synergy at the top of the screen, then click About
  3. Click Update serial key

To activate using email and password (online):

  1. Click Update using Symless account
  2. Type your email and password
  3. Click Log in
  4. Click Update this computer
  5. Repeat above steps for each computer

To use a serial key instead (offline activation):

  1. Click Update manually with serial key
  2. Go to your account page
  3. Copy the correct serial key (see top of this page)
  4. Go back to Synergy
  5. Paste your serial key
  6. Click Update this computer
  7. Repeat above steps for each computer

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