How to start Synergy at login on a Raspberry Pi

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You may want to have Synergy start at login on your Raspberry Pi. Also, if you don’t have a keyboard and mouse connected (only a screen), you may want need to install Synergy remotely on a Raspberry Pi via SSH.


Download Synergy for Raspberry Pi. Not sure which version to download? Check out our article on this subject: Do I install ARMHF or ARM64 on my Raspberry Pi?

Optionally, rename the download to synergy.deb (for convenience).

Next, transfer the file to your Pi (example:

-code- > scp synergy.deb [email protected] -/code-

Once the file has been transferred to your Pi, run these commands:

-code- > sudo apt install ./synergy.deb -/code-

Test it works by running the this command:

-code- > synergyc -f --name pi -/code-

Optional steps

If you'd like to, create a script to launch the Synergy client:

-code- > sudo nano ~/ -/code-

Copy and paste the following into nano:

-code- #!/bin/bash -/code-

-code- killall synergyc -/code-

-code- sleep 1 -/code-

-code- synergyc --name pi -/code-

-code- exit 0 -/code-

Next, create an auto-start script:

-code- > sudo mkdir -p ~/.config/lxsession/LXDE -/code-

-code- > sudo nano ~/.config/lxsession/LXDE/autostart -/code-

And paste this into nano:

-code- > ~/ -/code-

Finally, run your new client launcher script:

-code- > sudo chmod +x ~/ -/code-

-code- > ~/ -/code-

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