System Requirements


What you need to run Synergy.

Operating System

We fully support all modern desktop operating systems with the latest updates, including the latest versions of Windows, macOS, and Linux. We also support some legacy operating systems. The systems that we do support as of April 2018 are below:

Windows (32-bit and 64-bit)

  • Windows 10: Fully supported
  • Windows 8.1: Fully supported
  • Windows 7: Fully supported
  • Windows Vista: Fully supported
  • Windows XP: Not supported (planned)


  • macOS 10.13: Fully supported
  • macOS 10.12: Fully supported
  • macOS 10.11: Fully supported
  • macOS 10.10: Fully supported

Linux (64-bit)

  • Ubuntu 18: Fully supported (X11 only)
  • Ubuntu 17: Fully supported (X11 only)
  • Ubuntu 16: Fully supported (X11 only)
  • Ubuntu 14: Not supported (planned)
  • Debian 9: Fully supported
  • CentOS 7: Fully supported
  • RHEL 7: Not supported (planned)
  • Fedora 27: Fully supported (X11 only)
  • Fedora 26: Fully supported (X11 only)
  • Other Linux: Probably supported

Raspberry Pi (64-bit – armhf)

  • Raspbian (Debian 9/Stretch): Fully supported


  • An Ethernet or WiFi network connection where both computers can see each other (most people have this).
  • Each computer must have it's own screen or screens (there is no video sharing feature).

Not Sure?

If this page is missing something or if you're not sure, please contact us. Remember we also have a 100% Seamless Guarantee, so if you find that Synergy actually doesn’t work on your computer or network after purchasing, or if you’re not happy for any reason, we will give you a full instant refund (if you request one within 30 days of purchase).