How do I update Synergy to the latest version?

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Synergy 1 update notification

If your current version is out of date, you will see a notification in your Synergy app (on the server and client computers) that the new version is available for download.

Solution: Go ahead and click the download link in the app and go to the download page.

The installers available on our download page download page will work for both your first install, and they'll also work for updating an existing Synergy install.

Accessing the download page

To access the download page, you'll need to login using the email address you used when purchasing. If you don't have an account, then purchase Synergy today. If you have an account, but you're having problems logging in, let us know.

Don't see an update notification?

You'll only see an update notification if your installation of Synergy is out of date. The latest available version of Synergy is shown on the download page.

To check what versions you have installed, click Help (on Windows) or Synergy (on macOS) then click About Synergy. The version number is displayed near the bottom left of the window.

Talk to a human

If this article didn't help, you can talk to someone on our support team (unless we sent you here, in which case please reply via the ticket you already have open).

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