Contact the Synergy team for technical support

Help & Troubleshooting

Please check our Synergy support page as some of your questions might have already been answered. If you still need to contact us, you can contact the technical team or our customer service.

Technical support

For technical or product support, please open a support ticket. Our technical support team usually responds within a few business hours, but this can take up to 24-48 hours during our busy periods.

Customer service

For customer service or Symless account issues such as payment or log in issues, please submit a request under “non-technical issues”.

We will try to respond within a few business hours, however just like with the technical support team, it can take up to 24-48 hours.

Other ways to contact us at Symless

You can also find answers to your questions on Slack, Discord, and on our Symless forums. These are not a primary method of support, but are platforms for the Symless community, and you may find Synergy users who are willing to help. Our support team occasionally checks these channels, but for a faster response from our support team it is best to contact Symless directly.

Talk to a human

If this article didn't help, you can talk to someone on our support team (unless we sent you here, in which case please reply via the ticket you already have open).

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