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Synergy 1

A quick guide to configuring Synergy in manual mode for the first time.

Thanks for purchasing Synergy 1! 🎉

Note: This guide is for manual mode, so this assumes you don't have the Auto config checkbox on. Manual mode is available because in Synergy 1 the auto config feature requires Bonjour to be installed on Windows, which some people prefer not to do. In Synergy 2 Beta, auto config is done without the use of Bonjour.

Install Synergy

First, please make sure you download and install Synergy 1 on all of your computers. Also make sure Synergy is open on all of your computers to make it easy to see what information you'll need to type.

If you're using Windows and see the Windows Security Alert, click Allow access, and you may also need to tick the Public networks checkbox (in case your network is set to public and not private mode).

Add the Client

The next step is to add the client computer to the Server Configuration. The client is the computer you're sharing your mouse and keyboard to, whereas the server is where your keyboard and mouse are connected. To get started, click the Configure Server button on the main config app screen to open the Server Configuration window.

Once you're on the Server Configuration window, click and drag a new computer from the top right to a position on the grid (as indicated by the green arrow in the screenshot above). Next, double click on the new computer to open the Screen Settings window. This is where we'll tell Synergy what your client computer is called.

Type the name of your client computer into the Screen name field exactly as it appears on your client computer. If you're not sure, take a quick glance at your client computer and check the Screen name on the main window. The client name is case sensitive so make sure you type it exactly as it appears, and make sure you don't mix up those 0's and O's. Once you've got the client name typed in exactly right, click OK on the Screen Settings window, then OK on the Server Configuration window.

Click Apply or Start to start the server, which will wait for the client to connect.

Ok, that's it for the server. Before heading over to the client, take a quick look at the IP address (you'll need this in a moment).

Got the server's IP address? Ok, let's move over to the client.

Connect to the Server

Type the server's IP address (or hostname, if you have that setup) into the Server IP field.

Click Apply or Start to start the client and establish the connection.

TLS/SSL Fingerprint Dialog

Note: If you're using the Pro edition, you have access to TLS/SSL encryption. When connecting to the server, you'll see a fingerprint dialog on the client. Don't be scared! Click Yes to trust the fingerprint and accept the incoming client connection. This is normal for the first install because the server has never seen the client before. If you see this dialog and are actually not expecting a new client to connect, you should click No (this may be someone else trying to connect to your server, hopefully by accident).

Great job!

Et voila! You're now Synergyized!* You can now move your cursor over from the server computer to the client computer and start typing... and remember, you can copy and paste between computers too. Magic! ⌨️🖱🖥🖥🖥

*Well, assuming you didn't hit an error! In which case check out the troubleshooting guides.

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