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What you need to install Synergy

  • An active Synergy license
  • The latest version of the installer file
  • At least two computers, each with their own monitor
  • Ethernet or Wifi connection (computers must be on the same network)
  • Admin permissions for the computers

1. Copy your license key from the account page.

2. Download the latest version of Synergy using the Download button. You can also use this link.

3. Double-click the downloaded MSI file in your Downloads folder, and double click to install it

4. Open Synergy

  • Rename your computer or use the default name (No special characters or spaces, but dashes and underscores will work, eg, WindowsOne, Windows-One, Windows_One, ...)
  • Click Apply when you are done

5. Paste the license key you copied from Step 1 then click OK on both open windows

6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 on your other computer(s)

7. Determine which computer you want to be the server

  • Server (keyboard and mouse will be shared with any connected clients) or
  • Client (receives keyboard and mouse input from a server)

8. Configure the server computer:

  • Below the computer name and preferences button, you will find your computer's IP address or addresses if connected to more than one network. (We will need this when we connect the client in the next step)
  • Our server computer's name is Windows-One
  • The server computer's IP address is

9. Configure the client computer:

  • Use the IP addresses from the server computer and enter it in the text field labelled Server IP address or name
  • Click Connect
  • Click Apply

10. Back on your server computer you should get a popup saying a client is trying to connect, click Accept and configure

  • That should open the screens and links tab, where you can position your client based on which of the four monitor edges you want the cursor to switch through:
  • In this case the cursor would switch to the client via the right edge of the server's primary display
  • Click OK after making any changes

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