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Automatically run synergy on startup

Synergy can be configured to run and connect automatically on startup. A few conditions need to be met first: 

  1. It would be recommended that both computers have a static IP address to ensure that settings do not need to be updated each time your computer starts or restarts.
  2. Computers stay on the same network. If you move either computer to a different location, you will need to reconfigure Synergy and auto connect will not work.
  3. VPN connections should not be active.

Once the above-mentioned conditions are met, please follow these steps to configure auto start for Synergy.

  1. Add Synergy to the startup programs. This process may differ based on the operating system you are using. Windows | MacOS | Linux
  2. Add an exception for Synergy in the UAC for Windows. (Disregard on MacOS and Linux).
  3. Open Synergy on both computers.
  4. Open the Settings Menu.
  5. Change the options as highlighted below and click okay: 

Once you restart your computer, Synergy will startup automatically and connect.

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