Programmatically update Synergy serial key

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The serial key for Synergy can be programmatically updated through the following registry keys: 


Add at the end of the "Value Data Field" for the key "Command" the value --serial-key <license key>

As an example:

"Command"= "C:/Program Files/Synergy/synergys.exe" -f --no-tray --debug INFO --name {COMPUTERNAME} --ipc --stop-on-desk-switch --enable-drag-drop --profile-dir "C:\Users\{USER}\AppData\Local" -c "C:/Users/{USER}/AppData/Local/Temp/Synergy.vACAso" --address :24800 --serial-key 7B469B7072696D62606D797263B6B696D626C794073793732E636F6D3B203B3136343038393533383630383938367

Add a new REG_SZ key "serialKey"= <license key> to [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Synergy\Synergy]

As an example:


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