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How to lock my cursor on the current screen?

If you need to lock your cursor on one screen, follow the instructions below.

For the auto-config settings:

  1. Open Synergy Server.
  2. Click on Configure Server.
  3. Click on Hotkeys.
  4. Under Hotkeys, click on “New”.
  5. A pop will ask you to enter the specification for the hotkey. Choose “keystroke”. 
  6. Choose one, and it will appear under the column “Hotkeys”.
  7. Click on the choice you made (e.g. “mousebutton”).
  8. Click on Actions - New.
  9. Set "Lock cursor to screen" to "Off”.
  10. Click Ok and then Apply.

For the manual configuration settings:

  1. Open your Configuration File.
  1. Add keystroke(Control+1) = lockCursorToScreen(off) to your config file as per example below:

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