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How can I add a HotKey or keyboard shortcut to change to different screens?

  1. Go to Synergy settings on the Server computer.
  2. Open “Configure Server”.
  3. In the “Server Configuration” Window, click on HotKeys and then “New”.
  1. In the “Hotkey” prompt, click on the “keystroke()” button.
  2. Press the key combination you want to use to switch to another computer, for example: Ctrl+Shift+F2.
  1. Click the “Ok” button to return to the Configuration Window.
  2. Select the recently created “keystroke(Control+Shift+F2)” and click “New” in the “Actions” section.
  1. In the “Configure Action” window, select the option “Switch to Screen” and select the computer that you want to switch to with the assigned hotkey. Leave the option “the hotkey is pressed” selected, and click “Ok”.
  1. You can repeat the process to add another hotkey, for example, Ctrl+Shift+F1, to switch to the other computer.
  1. Click “Ok” on the “Server Configuration” window to return to the Synergy main window and click “Apply”.

Now you can switch between the computers using the recently assigned hotkeys.

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