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Thursday, May 14, 2020
Nick Bolton
Nick Bolton
Founder CEO & Interim-CTO of Symless (Synergy team)

Important policy changes affecting this article

Since writing this article, our upgrade policy has changed.

  • Synergy 2 customers will receive a free upgrade to Synergy 3.
  • Customers who purchased through affiliates (including Linus Tech Tips and Linus Media Group) will receive a free upgrade to Synergy 3.
  • Business customers with a valid plan will get access to Synergy 3 for the duration of their plan.
  • All other customers will receive a free time-limited upgrade to Synergy 3.

If you have any questions regarding this policy change, please contact us.

Original article

With great excitement, we would like to announce that we’re now building Synergy 3! Over the past year here at Symless, we have been focusing on User Experience (UX) Design, and now the time has come for the coding to commence. Our plan is to launch Synergy 3 as early as 2023.

Who is eligible for a free upgrade?

We would like to reiterate the information shared in our blog post, We Are Putting UX First. In October last year, we mentioned that most of our users will be getting a free upgrade to the next major version (Synergy 3).

Once the next major version is ready for public use (we anticipate around [2023]), it will be released to general sale. All Synergy 2 customers will be upgraded for free, all lifetime customers (anyone who purchased before November 2017) will also benefit from the free upgrade, and of course, anyone who purchased early access will get it [for free]. This free upgrade covers over 85% of our current customer base.

We are also giving the free Synergy 3 upgrade to all customers who purchased from us through the Linus Tech Tips and Linus Media Group special offers between Apr 14, 2016 and Nov 1, 2018.

Business and Enterprise customers will receive Synergy 3 as an optional upgrade with their ongoing business or enterprise licensing arrangement (if you have any questions, please contact your Account Manager). If you are interested in Synergy Business and Enterprise licensing, please contact us.

For the remaining customers (those who specifically purchased only Synergy 1 after Nov 2017), there will be a small and optional upgrade fee (we expect this to be around $5 USD, which is subject to change). All Synergy 1 customers will still have lifetime download access to Synergy 1 as described on the purchase page. We want to gradually move all our customers to Synergy 3, if and when they are ready to move.

What happens to Synergy 1 & 2?

In the same blog post (We Are Putting UX First) we also talked about the future of Synergy 2 and Synergy 1.

Synergy 2 is no longer [our focus for] development, but we are still developing Synergy 1 and we will be adding only new features to the next major version. After we release the next major version, we intend on maintaining Synergy 1 for a further two years to provide critical fixes and security updates.

We would also like to add that while we are not actively focusing on Synergy 2 development, there are still some customers who still love and use this version, so we are still providing emergency fixes to keep Synergy 2 Beta running (until we launch Synergy 3 in 2023). All Synergy 2 Beta users still have the option to use Synergy 1 for free.

For customers who don't want to wait for Synergy 3 and don't want to use Synergy 2, we are able to offer a refund on Synergy 2 purchases and upgrades beyond our normal 30-day refund policy.

If you have any questions about the free upgrade or the future of Synergy 3, please contact us.

When will Synergy 3 be launched?

Our plan is to launch Synergy 3 as early as 2023. This will be the stable version (which comes after alpha and beta versions). We know that three years is a long time, but we want to create the best possible product, one that you are proud to own and use.

See our roadmap to stay up-to-date with new features that we will be adding to Synergy 3.

Want to be an alpha or beta tester?

Your feedback is a crucial component in making Synergy the greatest mouse and keyboard sharing app ever. We need your help. We'll be releasing alpha versions soon (maybe within a few months), and we plan to release a beta version in around two years time.

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May 14, 2020
Nick Bolton
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