The advantages of a Software KVM

Synergy is a software KVM switch – it lets you use one keyboard and mouse with two or more computers, without the need for extra KVM hardware.

How it works

Just install Synergy, and start switching computers seamlessly.


You just need 1 keyboard and mouse connected to any one of your computers.


Install Synergy software on all your computers.


Now your keyboard and mouse works on all of them.

A simple KVM alternative

Synergy does virtually the same thing as a hardware KVM, only using software rather than cables (that’s why it’s also called a virtual KVM switch). But it also does far more than a KVM ever could.

Zero cabling

Synergy works with your setup exactly as it is now. Hardware KVMs require extra cabling for each computer, and often a power cable too, greatly cluttering your workspace.

Connect everything

Synergy lets you share any mouse and keyboard with computers running any common operating system. Hardware KVMs, unless they cost thousands, have limited connections and compatibility.

Instant switching

Synergy lets you switch computers just by moving your mouse. Hardware KVMs require a physical button. The change can then take up to 30 seconds, and – especially with cheaper models – can fail altogether.

Smart key swapping

Synergy automatically swaps keyboard keys to match different computers. You can set up key bindings and shortcuts however you want. No hardware KVM can do anything like this.

Hardware KVM
Synergy (Software KVM)
  1. Connect your keyboard and mouse to the switch.
  2. Connect the switch with cables to each computer.
  3. Install drivers on each computer.
1. Install it on each computer in minutes
Number of devices

2-4 is typical

Limited by the number of ports on the switch

Device switching

Reach across and press a physical switch.

On more expensive models, use a hotkey (but this may clash with other hotkeys).

Just move your mouse from screen to screen

Some peripherals may not work well or at all, especially across operating systems.

If it works on one computer, it works everywhere

Required for each mouse, keyboard and computer. May also require its own power cable.

No cabling required
Video switching

Can be used to share one monitor with multiple devices

Only shares the mouse and keyboard
Key binding


Automatically swap keys as you change system (e.g. swap the Windows and Command key) or set up your own shortcuts

Unless you’re paying a lot, expect frequent disconnections

Fast and lag-free

$50 – $100,000

From $29.00 USD

Get started with Synergy

Learn about Synergy

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When to stick with hardware

If you need to connect one monitor to multiple computers, you’ll still need a traditional KVM. However, if all you’re looking for is to control several computers with one keyboard and mouse, Synergy is an elegant, reliable and affordable KVM alternative.

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