A KVM Software Alternative

Why Synergy?

Synergy is a software solution for people who want to use the same keyboard and mouse with 2 or more computers. It’s a great alternative to a KVM switch for your desk at home or work as it brings a more seamless experience with no buttons to press. 


  • No hardware & no wires
  • Copy / Paste Support
  • Cost-effective
  • Configurable solution
  • Compatibility
  • Hotkey support
  • Use alongside a KVM

No Hardware & no wires

In scenarios where desk space is at a premium, additional pieces of hardware can add complexity and cause issues. Even where there is plenty of space, who wants to think about more cable management? As a software solution Synergy provides excellent functionality without the need for additional hardware.

Copy / Paste Support

With Synergy you can copy and paste text and images between all your devices no matter which operating system they are running on.


KVM switches that can handle multiple computer and monitor setups can cost hundreds of dollars. Synergy is a far more cost-effective solution, with licenses available from $19.

Configurable Solution

Synergy can be set to auto-configure or you can set it up manually. This means that you can completely tailor the software to your requirements.


A KVM solution relies on compatibility between the different pieces of hardware that you are using. Synergy supports Windows, Mac & Linux OS and allows connections to be made across operating systems. Synergy also supports wireless keyboard and mouse configuration, which is a common issue for KVM users.

Hotkey Support

Synergy supports customizable key bindings to ensure you can use keys that make sense on your keyboard.

Use alongside a KVM

Some users like to take advantage of the video switching functionality that a KVM offers. In this scenario, Synergy can be used alongside a KVM switch if you want to plug a keyboard directly into a computer.

Get Synergy

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