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Monday, August 3, 2020
Eloise Robertson
Eloise Robertson
Social Media Manager

Over 2 million people use Synergy. That’s 2 million different Synergy setups. Imagine that. A community of people all over the world using the same product in thousands of different ways.

We love nothing more than seeing Synergy in our customers’ hands and finding out what you’ve done with your setups. Especially when there’s a before and after!

Before Synergy

User image before Synergy
Twitter user @hartefbrown1

Twitter user @hartefbrown1's previous setup used Linux, MacOS and Windows 10 with four keyboards and mice.

After Synergy

User image after Synergy
Twitter user @hartefbrown1

This user now has reduced the number of keyboards and mice from four to just one, making the space significantly easier to use!

We want to see YOUR setups. There is only one rule: there must only be one mouse and one keyboard.

Where do I send my photos?

There are a number of ways to share your epic setup pics with us:

Share your #SynergyInTheWild setup photos with us on social media @Synergy_App

August 3, 2020
Eloise Robertson
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