Synergy and macOS Catalina

Wednesday, October 9, 2019
Harry Newell Wise
Harry Newell Wise
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Last Updated: Wednesday 9th October - Workaround

This is an update for all Synergy and macOS users.

Since the official release of macOS 10.15 Catalina on the 7th October we have been receiving some reports of compatibility issues with the Synergy software. We therefore recommend that in order to ensure full compatibility with Synergy that you stay on your current version of macOS until we are able to resolve these issues. We are working on a build that will resolve these issues and any further updates will be posted on this page. There is a workaround that users can try suggested below.

Does Synergy work with macOS Catalina?

Currently there are some known issues that may prevent users from running the Synergy app on macOS Catalina.

Which versions of Synergy work with macOS?

See our full list of supported operating systems.

Workaround solution

If you have upgraded to Catalina the following solution may work to run Synergy.

  • From a Finder window, open the Applications folder
  • Right click on the Synergy App and click 'Run'
  • A dialogue box will appear with a warning but will still allow the app to run
October 9, 2019
Harry Newell Wise
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