Ukrainian Crisis action taken

Thursday, February 24, 2022
Mar 3, 2022
Nick Bolton
Nick Bolton
Founder CEO & Interim-CTO of Symless (Synergy team)


  • Committed to supporting our Ukrainian team members.
  • Blocked Russia and Belarus (geo-block) payments.
  • Published donate links for humanitarian aid and armed forces.
  • Donated to the Red Cross who is assisting in Ukraine.
  • Issued free aid licenses (e.g. Ukrainian local government).

Tue 29th Mar 2022: Live post now closed. While still separated from loved ones, our Ukrainian team members are safe and report that the towns that they're living in are secure for now. We continue to do everything we can to support our team members in Ukraine at this time. Слава Україні!

Fri, 11th Mar 2022: Redirected visitors from Russia and Belarus to a protest page (now archived following suggestions from our Ukrainian team members) and removed the IP block so that people from Russia and Belarus can see the protest page. Payments and accounts from Russia and Belarus are still blocked.

Mon, 8th Mar 2022: Issued free aid license requested by Ukrainian local government to help with surveillance. Add links to Serhiy Prytula and Come Back Alive, advised by our Ukrainian team members.

Thu, 3rd Mar 2022: Blocked payments from Russia and Belarus, and temporarily suspended accounts linked to Russia and Belarus until the conflict ends. If you’re inconvenienced and you’re not a part of this, sorry. Created a page dedicated to the Ukraine Crisis. Updated our homepage to express that we condemn the actions of the Russian Government and stand with Ukraine.

Wed, 2nd Mar 2022: Launched a JustGiving page: Synergy users' Ukraine Crisis Appeal (for the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal). Began implementing changes to block payments and accounts from Russian users. Added link to NBU account page for Ukraine Armed Forces to homepages. Launched the Free Ukraine Crisis Synergy Aid License.

Tue, 1st Mar 2022: Blocked Russia from using our website (geo-block) and are currently in talks with our payment provider to block Russian cards (for those that use VPNs). We hope it will motivate the intelligent people of Russia to do good.

Cloudflare firewall rule blocking Russia

Fri, 25th Feb 2022: Update from our team members in Ukraine; they tell us that they must stay in Ukraine to defend against the invasion. We committed to unconditionally pre-pay our Ukrainian team members upfront for 3 months with no expectation to work.

Thu, 24th Feb 2022: First heard word from our Ukrainian team members that evacuations have started.

February 24, 2022
Nick Bolton
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March 3, 2022

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