Our Next Hackathon: One Last Seat!

Thursday, October 24, 2019
Nick Bolton
Nick Bolton
Founder CEO & Interim-CTO of Symless (Synergy team)

I mentioned in my last blog post (We Are Putting UX First) that we’re looking for new team members to work on the next major version of Synergy. We’re pressing on with development and we need more people.

Once again, we’re recruiting the next team member for the Synergy team: a Front End Software Developer. And, we’re excited to be hosting yet another onsite group interview, hackathon-style, in a few weeks time. Earlier this year at our first onsite, a group of six candidates joined us from all over the world at our offices in the UK. It was a lot of fun, and the result was that Jamie joined the Symless team. We actually didn’t find our front-end developer at that point, but we’re very optimistic that we’ll find our new team member this time around.

symless team
Jamie (left) and Nick (right) in front of the sprint board.

At our last onsite, the group came up with a few ideas and eventually voted on “Thermocracy”, a temperature voting app that, in theory, would integrate into an office air-conditioning system. While this isn’t something we plan to productize at Symless, making it was a great experience for all that attended.

symless team

The group of 6 was split in half over the two-day event; 3 on the front-end team and 3 working on the back-end. The back-end was coded in C++, and the front-end was implemented using Node.js and React (on top of Electron). The two halves of the system were then connected by an API.

If this all sounds like a lot of fun to you, the good news is: it’s not too late to apply!

We plan to run another group onsite interview again next month (November), and so far we’ve filled two of the three slots. We’re looking for one last talented software developer with Node.js and React experience. (psst... we may also open up a 4th seat at the table, so there might actually be two free slots.)

So, want to join in an all-expenses-paid two-day hackathon at Symless in the UK? If you’re interested in being part of the future of Synergy, email us ([email protected]), or apply online. You would be joining an existing UX Designer (Simon), Back-End Developer (Jamie), and me (Nick) in a growing and dynamic team, which will eventually be formed of 8 people within the next 12 months. To apply, you will need at least two years of experience with Node.js and React.

Not a Node.js & React developer? Tell your friends that we’re hiring! You never know who might be looking for a new adventure. By spreading the word, you could play a small part in the future of Synergy.

October 24, 2019
Nick Bolton
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