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Thursday, October 1, 2020
Nick Bolton
Nick Bolton
Founder CEO & Interim-CTO of Symless (Synergy team)

Staying connected is crucial, and we are proud of the community we’ve built together. 

To help you stay connected, we’ve decided to compile a list of social spaces where you can chat with the Synergy team and other users in an open community platform.

Social Media

Our social media channels allow us to keep you up-to-date with everything Synergy and Symless. Great for those who want to keep their email inbox minimal! We highly recommend users raise technical issues by submitting a support ticket on our website, rather than via social media.

Synergy or Symless: Who should I follow?

Which one you follow depends on what you’re interested in.


Synergy: TwitterFacebookInstagram

If you're interested in the development of Synergy or if you have questions, then you can follow Synergy. 


Symless: TwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedIn

Or, if you're thinking about a career at Symless or you have questions about other products we're working on, then you'll want to follow Symless.

Our Community

Here you can talk to other users, ask technical questions, get early access to new versions of Synergy, and suggest new features. We’ve created the below options for you to decide which channel works best for you, based on what you use Synergy for. 


We know that Synergy is used by many people for work, and it’s much easier to keep all of your work-related communications together. Simply add our Slack channel to your existing workspaces to instantly become a part of the community.

Join the Synergy Slack workspace


Don’t want to leave your gaming servers? Well, that’s why we created our Discord channel! All of your favorite servers in one place.

Join the Synergy Discord server


Keep everything separate and use our Synergy-specific forum. Get the answers you need from our helpful community and technical experts.

Check out the Synergy Forums


Please let us know what you’d like to see in our community channels, or if you have any suggestions for new community features.

October 1, 2020
Nick Bolton
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