Synergy News

News and updates about Synergy, the keyboard and mouse sharing app.

We're choosing Rust, and not Go, C++, or Node.js

Our journey deciding on Rust over Go, C++, and Node.js for Synergy 3. We discuss programming socks, sustainability, and memory safety.

Apple Universal Control is different to Synergy

Inspired by a recent mention of Synergy on the Connected podcast, Nick writes a follow up about Apple Universal Control.

Synergy 3 Alpha 1 launch

🚀 On January 17th 2022, our first alpha version of Synergy 3 was launched. Today we're looking at a retrospective of the launch.

Copy your 1Password account to your new computer

Someone asked: I have purchased a new computer. How can I transfer my 1Password account from my old to my new computer?

Apple copied us, and that's a good thing. Here's why…

When Apple launched Universal Control, we took a look at how this will benefit Synergy customers. We’re excited to have Apple in our space.