Synergy Blog

Mostly things about Synergy, mostly. But also some Symless stuff too.

How to use Wireshark to view Synergy keyboard network activity

When you turn off TLS in Synergy, packets are sent unencrypted. Let's use Wireshark to look at them!

Screen Editor Tool for Synergy 1

Our new tool for configuring complex computer setups for Synergy 1

Ukrainian Crisis action taken

What is happening to our Ukrainian team members and actions taken by the company.

We're choosing Rust, and not Go, C++, or Node.js

Our journey deciding on Rust over Go, C++, and Node.js for Synergy 3. We discuss programming socks, sustainability, and memory safety.

Apple Universal Control is different to Synergy

Inspired by a recent mention of Synergy on the Connected podcast, Nick writes a follow up about Apple Universal Control.