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Copy your 1Password account to your new computer

Someone asked: I have purchased a new computer. How can I transfer my 1Password account from my old to my new computer?

Apple copied us, and that's a good thing. Here's why…

When Apple launched Universal Control, we took a look at how this will benefit Synergy customers. We’re excited to have Apple in our space.

Top 11 tips to land your dream C++ job

On the hunt for a new C++ job, or getting started with C++? Read these top tips by our CEO who was once a C++ developer.

Island life - Meet Kyle

One of our newest Software Developers, Kyle Bloom, talks about his move from California to the Isle of Man.

My C++ journey and how I found Synergy

Nick shares his story on C++ and Synergy. A tale of phishing, KVM switches, and the revival of an open source project.

Relocating during COVID - Meet Daun

Find out more about the Symless process of relocation and VISA applications in this short "Meet the Team" blog by Daun Chung.

Join the Synergy community!

Looking for Symless or Synergy on social media? How about the Synergy community? We have Forums, Slack and Discord.

Share your setup with us! #SynergyInTheWild

We want to see YOUR setups using Synergy. Share your #SynergyInTheWild setup photo with us on social media @Synergy_App.

Synergy 2: Mistakes were made

What we learned from Synergy 2, and how we are addressing this in Synergy 3 after doing a lot of UX experience research.

We're hiring! And there's a $500 reward

We're offering $500 USD to anyone who can help us find new team members to build Synergy 3: Lead Software Developer and Scrum Master.

Synergy 3: Free upgrades for most users

Today we're announcing Synergy 3 to our customers. We're also announcing that most users will get a free upgrade.

Free Synergy for COVID-19 medical/response workers

We're happy to announce that we are issuing free Synergy licenses for those who are part of the COVID-19 medical response effort.

Our Commitments During The COVID-19 Pandemic

We’re continuing to work hard to support our customers. Our team is fully prepared and equipped for working from home.

Synergy v1.11.0 Released

Release notes for the latest Synergy (version 1.11.0). This update includes a range of bug fixes and enhancements to the application.

Our Next Hackathon: One Last Seat!

We're holding a hackathon style event to find the next developer to join our team in the UK: a Front End Software Developer.

Synergy and macOS Catalina

An update for Synergy and macOS 10.15 Catalina users: in order to ensure full compatibility with Synergy we have some advice.

We Are Putting UX First

At Symless, we decided to put User Experience (UX) first; radically different from previous approaches.

Synergy 1.10.3 Released

The latest update to Synergy 1 is available to download now. This update includes a range of bug fixes and enhancements to the application. 

Synergy 1.10.2 Finally Released

After almost 9 months, the next Synergy 1 update is finally here. Here's what we’ve been working on in the newly released Synergy 1.10.2.

The Synergy Story So Far

I recently received some feedback from a LinusTechTips forum user about our pricing, and I need to share the story behind Synergy.

Synergy 1.10 & The Enterprise Merge

When Pixar Animation Studios approached us in June 2013, they were happily using Synergy, but needed us to make a few changes.

The future of Synergy

We made an important decision about the Synergy team at Symless.

Recommended Synergy version

A week ago we made the decision to redeclare Synergy 2 as beta, as over 80% of the users we surveyed agreed that it wasn't stable.

Synergy 2 is back to beta

Should Synergy 2 be considered stable or beta? When will Synergy 2 be stable? We're going to leave this up to you to decide.

Synergy 2.0.11 is available now

The latest version of Synergy, 2.0.11, is available for download now. We encourage all users to download the latest versions for new updates

Synergy 2.0.10 has arrived

The latest version of Synergy, 2.0.10, is available for download now. We encourage all users to upgrade to this version for new updates.

How to survive on a locked down network

If you are having issues to using Synergy on an isolated or locked down network, there are a few solutions to try out.

Our Leadership Principles here at Symless

Giving you some insight into our culture here at Symless. Transparency is important. Read about our culture here at Symless.

Jerry is leaving Symless after 6 years

After 6 years of amazing work, Xinyu "Jerry" Hou is starting a new adventure in Canada with his fiancée, Ran. We will miss you.

We're looking for a C++ Software Engineer

Exciting times everyone! We're looking for a new C++14 Software Engineer. We are a flexible company and allow work from home.

Synergy 2.0.9 is here

The latest version of Synergy, 2.0.9, has arrived and is available for download now. We encourage all users to download the latest version.

Synergy Forums, and Why We Love Them

Try as we might, we couldn’t possibly predict the variety and extent of different use cases for Synergy.

Synergy on Raspberry Pi

An exciting day at Symless today, as we successfully tested Synergy running on a Raspberry Pi! We will be releasing it soon!

Synergy 2.0.8 has landed

In this release we've made a number of tweaks, and there are two larger updates. We encourage all users to download the latest version.

Why Submit a Support Ticket?

Submitting tickets funnels the enquiries into the right place so that we can act on problems and build solutions.

Synergy QA: How does Symless test software?

Everyone at Symless uses Synergy, its how we test it. Synergy QA (quality assurance) is very important; that's how we test.

Synergy 2.0.7 is here!

We have released Synergy 2.0.7, you can upgrade it now! We encourage all users to download the latest versions for new updates