Synergy Blog

Mostly things about Synergy, mostly. But also some Symless stuff too.

Screen Editor Tool for Synergy 1

Our new tool for configuring complex computer setups for Synergy 1

Ukrainian Crisis action taken

What is happening to our Ukrainian team members and actions taken by the company.

We're choosing Rust, and not Go, C++, or Node.js

Our journey deciding on Rust over Go, C++, and Node.js for Synergy 3. We discuss programming socks, sustainability, and memory safety.

Apple Universal Control is different to Synergy

Inspired by a recent mention of Synergy on the Connected podcast, Nick writes a follow up about Apple Universal Control.

The Synergy 3 Alpha 1 launch: A developer retrospective

🚀 On January 17th 2022, our first alpha version of Synergy 3 was launched. Today we're looking at a retrospective of the launch.