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Synergy 2.0.10 has arrived

The latest version of Synergy, 2.0.10, is available for download now.

How to survive on a locked down network

Some solutions to using Synergy on an isolated or locked down network.

Our Leadership Principles here at Symless

Giving you some insight into our culture here at Symless.

Jerry is leaving Symless after 6 years

After 6 years of amazing work, Xinyu "Jerry" Hou is starting a new adventure.

Synergy 2.0.9 is here

The latest version of Synergy, 2.0.9, has arrived and is available for download now.

We're looking for a C++ Software Engineer

Exciting times everyone! We're looking for a new C++14 Software Engineer.

Synergy Forums, and Why We Love Them

Try as we might, we couldn’t possibly predict the variety and extent of different use cases for Synergy.

Synergy on Raspberry Pi

An exciting day at Symless today, as we successfully tested Synergy running on a Raspberry Pi!

Synergy 2.0.8 has landed

In this latest release we've made a number of tweaks, and there are two larger updates.

Why Submit a Support Ticket?

Submitting tickets funnels the enquiries into the right place so that we can act on problems and build solutions.