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September 4, 2019

Synergy 1.10.3 Released

Nick Bolton
Nick Bolton
CEO of Symless

The latest update to Synergy 1 is available to download now. This update includes a range of bug fixes and enhancements to the application. 

Download Synergy 1.10.3 

Here’s what we have been working on in this latest version of Synergy.

Bug fixes:

#3705 Hotkeys not working on Mac server

#6527 Config app renders incorrectly on high DPI screens 

#6526 New TLS/SSL socket handled when no socket

#6525 Race condition on disconnecting TLS/SSL socket

#6521 Access violation in TLS/SSL socket close

#6409 Server freezes when clipboard contains an image

#6546 Filtered out self assigned ip addresses from being displayed

#6541 Fixed connected info text to include without TLS encryption


#6390 Support for OpenSSL 1.1.1 for better security

#6524 Minimize config app to system tray

#6523 Restore auto hide on startup for config app

#6522 Double click Windows tray icon to show and hide

#6529 Cleaner redistributable use in Windows installer

#6528 More verbose message for Linux display errors

#6520 Support for 32-bit Linux for legacy users

#6519 Support for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS for legacy users

#6535 Version URL and added stage check to version check

Nick Bolton

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