Windows vs Mac – The Ultimate Power-User Showdown

Windows vs Mac

Round 1: SSH

For Windows users, you pretty much have one de-facto app for SSH, and that’s PuTTY. Let’s face it, the app isn’t that great. It’s lack of keyboard shortcuts and clunky settings UI are enough to make any well-rounded developer or sysadmin curl up and cry in the corner.


Mac (and Linux) both have neat Terminal apps that let you use the server like it was right in front of you. But get this: some users even want to install PuTTY on Mac, can you believe that? How silly.

This round: Mac (and Linux)

Round 2: Gaming

Thanks to Steam, Mac is emerging as a power gaming platform, with many games now being developed for Mac as well as Windows. These days, indie games tend to be developed for Mac at the same time as Windows thanks to game engines like Unity. With Apple users warming to the Humble Bundle and most Steam Early Access games with Mac support, the Mac is catching up!

Humble Bundle

However, Windows still has the upper hand with many games still being Windows-only (especially the AAA titles).

This round: Windows

Round 3: Assistants

This round is between Siri and Cortana, but let’s face it, both kind of suck for us power users.


Siri for macOS is still being keenly pushed by Apple. They even used it as a key reason to push users to upgrade to Sierra, but a clear winner is not certain at this stage. Yes, Siri is faster than Cortana, and it’s a bit smarter, but Cortana can mostly perform well when you skip the voice recognition and start typing directly (not possible on Siri).

On the other hand, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update promises to increase the intelligence and usefulness of Cortana, which Microsoft hopes will declare a clear winner once and for all.

This round: Neither


And the winner is…

Windows vs Mac

It’s a tie. Good news though, you don’t have to choose…

Introducing Synergy, software that shares one mouse and keyboard between Windows, Mac and Linux computers. This allows you to use both operating systems together in one cohesive experience.

Finally, no more holy war (yeah, right).

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