Seamless Desktop at Microsoft Science Fair

In 2011, Microsoft hosted a Science Fair on their Redmond, WA campus. A series of booths showed off interesting Microsoft technologies. One of them was about Seamless Desktop (now called Mouse Without Borders).


The second exhibit is one that’s actually on its way to being a real consumer-facing service through Microsoft’s Office Labs site. Called “Seamless Desktop,” this software tool lets you connect the mouse and keyboard together from multiple machines, and send that information in the cloud. The idea is nothing new per se, with consumer products like Synergy and MaxiVista that can do the same trick, but Seamless Desktop promises to scale beyond those products one day.

Known internally as “magic mouse,” Seamless Desktop is currently used by around 10,000 Microsoft employees. Besides sharing the mouse and the keyboard, it has a few other tricks up its sleeve, like bringing your clipboard across machines–that includes any images, which come along for the ride. It’s also got a neat feature, that CNET was told will probably be cut from the final shipping tool, that can automatically grab the latest photo from, and turn it into your desktop background.

10,000 Microsoft employees, pretty impressive!

Seamless Desktop promises to scale beyond those products one day? Well here’s what Microsoft doesn’t know: Synergy won’t be just keyboard and mouse sharing forever… it’s on Microsoft, it’s on.