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Synergy 1.10.3 Released

The latest update to Synergy 1 is available to download now.

Synergy 1.10.2 Finally Released

After almost 9 months, the next Synergy 1 update is finally here. If you haven't been following us, last year we made some significant organizational changes to support the long term growth of the business. Now, with the company restructuring complete, we're ready to begin a new chapter in Symless history.

The Synergy Story So Far

I recently received some feedback from a LinusTechTips forum user about our pricing.

Synergy 1.10 & The Enterprise Merge

When Pixar Animation Studios approached us in June 2013, they needed us to make a few changes...

An open letter about the future of Synergy

We’ve made an important decision and are making significant changes to the Synergy team at Symless.

Synergy 1: The recommended version

A week ago we made the decision to redeclare Synergy 2 as beta.

Synergy 2 is back to beta

Recently we surveyed a group of our users with a simple question: Should Synergy 2 be considered stable or beta?

Synergy 2.0.11 is available now

The latest version of Synergy, 2.0.11, is available for download now.

Synergy 2.0.10 has arrived

The latest version of Synergy, 2.0.10, is available for download now.

How to survive with Synergy on a locked down network

Some solutions to using Synergy on an isolated or locked down network.

Our Leadership Principles here at Symless

Giving you some insight into our culture here at Symless.

Jerry is leaving Symless after 6 years

Sadly, after 6 years of amazing work, Xinyu "Jerry" Hou is leaving to start a new adventure.

Synergy 2.0.9 is here

The latest version of Synergy, 2.0.9, has arrived and is available for download now.

We're looking for a C++ Software Engineer

Exciting times everyone! We're looking for a new C++14 Software Engineer.

Synergy Forums, and Why We Love Them

Try as we might, we couldn’t possibly predict the variety and extent of different use cases for Synergy.

Synergy on Raspberry Pi

An exciting day at Symless today, as we successfully tested Synergy running on a Raspberry Pi!

Microsoft investing $5 billion in IoT over the next 4 years

Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, Julia White, has announced today plans to invest $5 billion into the Internet of Things over the next 4 years.

Apple to replace Intel chips with their own

Rumours have emerged that Apple is planning to replace Intel chips in its hardware by 2020.

Synergy 2.0.8 has landed

In this latest release we've made a number of tweaks, and there are two larger updates which we hope will make a big difference to our users.

Why Submit a Support Ticket?

Submitting tickets funnels the enquiries into the right place so that we can act on problems and build solutions.

Synergy QA: How does Symless test software?

Everyone at Symless uses Synergy, including the business operations people! This is known in the software industry as dogfooding; eating your own dog food. As well as this ad-hoc day-to-day testing, we also follow a structured QA (quality assurance) process.

Synergy 2.0.7 is here!

We have released Synergy 2.0.7, download it now!