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Synergy v1.11.0 Released

Release notes for Synergy version 1.11.0

Our Next Hackathon: One Last Seat!

We're holding a hackathon style event to find the next developer to join our team.

Synergy and macOS Catalina

An update for Synergy and macOS 10.15 Catalina users.

We Are Putting UX First

At Symless, we decided to put User Experience (UX) first; radically different from previous approaches.

Synergy 1.10.3 Released

The latest update to Synergy 1 is available to download now.

Synergy 1.10.2 Finally Released

After almost 9 months, the next Synergy 1 update is finally here.

The Synergy Story So Far

I recently received some feedback from a LinusTechTips forum user about our pricing.

Synergy 1.10 & The Enterprise Merge

When Pixar Animation Studios approached us in June 2013, they needed us to make a few changes...

The future of Synergy

We made an important decision about the Synergy team at Symless.

Recommended Synergy version

A week ago we made the decision to redeclare Synergy 2 as beta.