Isle of Man

Symless has great software development career opportunities in the Isle of Man.

About the Island

The Island is great for families; with a lower crime rate, it's a very safe place to raise children. For young professionals, it provides a growing food culture and strong digital infrastructure. The Island is also a great place for outdoorsy types, who love cycling, fishing, gliding, kayaking, paddle boarding, quad biking, etc.

10 Rules for a Better Work-life Balance

Island Life: Benefits to Living Here

  • It's a very safe place to live, with lower crime than the UK.
  • People are very friendly and actually talk to you.
  • Beautiful natural scenery (beauty is important).
  • Super-fast Gigabit Fibre Internet and 4G Broadband.
  • The Government is attracting people to relocate.
  • Commutes are often very short with no traffic.
  • Independent visa and immigration, separate from UK.
  • Much lower income tax rates compared to UK.
  • Exciting new cinema and omniplex in development.
  • New cocktail bars and great restaurants.
  • Well known coffee shops like Starbucks and Costa.
  • Other jobs include gaming, finance and aerospace.
  • Progressive, proactive and accessible government.
  • It's steeped in a rich and fascinating history.
  • Transport links to major cities in UK and Ireland.
  • Independent, self-governed, and not part of Britain.
  • Healthy local produce from a vibrant ecosystem.
  • Shared UK national insurance and pensions.
  • We have castles and vikings!  🏰🛡️⚔️

Location: Where is this Island?

Known as the "Jewel of the Irish Sea", the Isle of Man has a diverse population of around 83,000 people comprised of a range of nationalities (including British, Irish, South African, Australian, and of course, Manx). Located between England and Ireland, the Isle of Man has its own government, giving more power and freedom to its citizens.

Being only 1 hour flight away from Central London, Manchester, Liverpool, Dublin and Belfast, the Isle of Man gives its inhabitants the best of both worlds; beautiful countryside and culture at your doorstep, and only a short trip to the bright lights and excitement of the city (but with none of the drawbacks that come with city living such as high crime rates).

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On 6 April 2018, the Isle of Man moved away from the Tier 2 Points Based System and introduced two new worker routes aimed specifically at the Isle of Man economy. Now is the time to relocate to the Isle of Man, because the Island has its own visa jurisdiction and decision making power, backed by a government that is very excited to welcome new software developers to the Island. Partners are entitled to come over as a dependent on a work visa (spouse and cohabitating partners). Also, people coming from within the EEA (European Economic Area) only need a work-permit and the Isle of Man offers automatic 1-year work-permits for spouses and cohabitating partners of Isle of Man workers. So if you are relocating with significant others, the Isle of Man makes it pretty easy for partners to find work.

The Symless Office

Symless has chosen to settle at The Engine House, a startup incubator which is only 2 minutes from the airport. As a new government-backed initiative, it's designed to give businesses a nurturing environment to grow which will contribute to the Island's economy. The building provides an excellent Internet and communication infrastructure, as well the usual benefits of coffee and conversation. They host regular events in the evenings for people of all walks of life, and even provide assistance and guidance for newcomers settling on the Island. Symless has established itself with a 10-person office at The Engine House, which we'll expand into during 2019-2020.

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