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Develop and maintain modern software products?

Control multiple computers using only one keyboard and mouse.
Focus on developing software and remove time spent switching between operating systems.

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Increase your productivity

With Synergy, you can finally build software across all your computers using only one keyboard and mouse. Staying on top of tight deadlines and ever-changing project requirements has never been easier.

Develop better software

Synergy gives you the ability to efficiently review your code and find errors across different production environments. The result is a higher quality software product for your end-users.

Share one mouse and keyboard between multiple computers

Secure your data

Whether you're working on a weekly sprint or a large-scale software launch, you can rest assured that your data will be kept secure. SSL/TLS enterprise-grade security comes standard with Synergy's business license.

reduce frustration synergy

Reduce frustration

Throw away the extra keyboards and spend time where it really matters.

make life easier with synergy

Make life easier

Simplify your workspace by combining multiple computers into one.

effortless experience synergy

Effortless experience

Easily copy and paste between computers with no effort at all.

confident with synergy

Confident and reassuring

Keep your passwords and sensitive data secure with TLS encryption.

efficient with synergy

Satisfying efficiency

Key, mouse and data all sent fast and securely, directly over your local network.

power and control with synergy

Power and control

Advanced customization settings give you complete control of your setup.

Software developers love our software

The synergy program is by far the gold standard of KVM software. As a 25+ year software engineer vet myself and a long long time user of synergy it can tell you this is a must for anyone with multiple computers.


Software Engineer

Amazing product. I've used it for several years on my Linux/Windows machines, and would highly recommend it to anyone who needs to use multiple computers at once.


Senior Embedded Software Engineer

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Synergy is a great solution for multi-platform parallel control at high switching speeds for development and workspace control. It offered software simplicity without intrusive integration and the need for KVM hardware.

Roderick Ford

President at Software Sciences LLC

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