One cohesive experience

Our mission is to help people be more productive when using multiple computers together.

To achieve this, we develop technologies that make daytoday multi‑computer use easier.

We're known for developing Synergy, the keyboard and mouse sharing app used by millions of people worldwide since 2001.

Our software

Symless is the company behind Synergy

Synergy shares one mouse and one keyboard between multiple computers and operating systems. Originally created by a number of open source software developers, Synergy is now developed and maintained Symless.

Working for Symless

Symless team on a video conference call

Global inclusive workforce

We have a global team, and we're headquartered in the UK. Our leadership principles are at the core of how we build and grow our team.

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Synergy is what we're known for

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We make an app called Synergy. If you have any questions, please contact us.