Synergy release notes

3.0.72 RC1

Known bug in RC1 (release candidate 1)

If you’re upgrading from either Synergy 1 or the alpha/beta version of Synergy 3, then please remove any existing Synergy installations first and reboot your computer before installing Synergy 3 RC1. Our development team is currently working on this issue and will be releasing a new version soon (RC2) to ensure that upgrades are painless in future.

Synergy 3 is new software (launched on 31st May 2023), so please accept our apologies for any inconvenience and thanks for your patience while we solve these early post-launch problems. If you need help, please contact our technical support team who work closely with the development team to solve customer problems.

Bug fixes

  • Errors that show up on first install
  • Bugs related to manual computer connections
  • Issues with "Lock to screen"
  • Generating bad configuration when initially setting up computers
  • Allow users to use Symless account to update serial key


  • Allow users to select the network adapter to use for Synergy
  • Allow users to setup multiple actions for a single Hotkey
  • macOS tray icon is now monochrome
  • Improve macOS permissions flow
  • macOS requires no admin permissions to install