Release Notes for Synergy 2

This page lists all the release notes for Synergy 2.

If you need the latest version, download. To see what features we're working on, check out the roadmap. If you're seeing a bug that isn't mentioned in the release notes then please contact customer support. There's also a list of known bugs that we're aware of.


  • Dedicated build for Debian 9 - Available now
  • Changes to the log files to make bug diagnosis more effective
  • Fixed bug where dependency on cURL prevented installation on Ubuntu 18.04
  • Fixed bug where config was not updating after sleep/resume
  • Fixed bug where auto-switch to server mode didn’t work after disconnecting a Windows client


  • Added HTTP proxy support for Windows - other operating systems to follow
  • Updates to screen status accuracy
  • Fixed issue where multiple screens were showing on machine name change


  • Added Raspberry Pi support
  • Fixed issue with reconnection after sleep
  • Fixed issue where redundant connections were being created between machines
  • Resolved issue with Windows installer getting stuck at validation step (fixed for 2.0.8+)


  • Improved handling of changing IP addresses
  • Fixed a bug where Linux server takes control of client input


  • Introduced a new tray icon with a function to enable and disable
  • Fixed a bug where a computer shows as offline on the config screen
  • Solved issue where app doesn't work at all on some Linux installs
  • Fixed a bug where the mouse cursor movement drifts over time on Mac


  • Fixed bug on Mac where background service crashes on the first run
  • Made the Linux and Mac uninstaller remove settings and config files
  • Fixed bug where the combined log file can become corrupt
  • Improved reliability of background service on all platforms
  • Preparation work for upcoming enhancement due in the next version


  • Remove computer from config (provides a workaround for many issues)
  • Screen status is now working much better (we're still working on making it perfect)
  • Fixed bug where the auto-config error was always showing first on install
  • Fixed a timing issue in the reconnect code to make it more responsive
  • Some prep work for the connection troubleshoot tooltips (coming soon)


  • Fixed bug where the core wasn't shutting down gracefully on Windows
  • Fixed local input detection on Mac to make auto-switch more reliable
  • Fixed bug where the config app won't open on Mac if the core is running
  • Started moving the server claim message into the local network layer
  • Added a header section to the log upload which prints the OS, version, etc


  • Added white dot to indicate which computer is currently sharing
  • Fixed macOS bug which prevented the core process from starting
  • Fixed a bug where the auto-config service won't authenticate
  • Fixed various local network connection issues


  • Improved log uploader to send combined log for service, core, and config app 
  • Switched the auto-config database to a more scalable and reliable system
  • Introduced multi-threading for better performance on the auto-config service
  • Added health monitoring for the auto-config service to improve uptime 


  • Added support and installer for 32-bit Windows users
  • Allow user to manually share from with right click
  • Fixed background service crash when network goes offline
  • Fixed bug where login screen not showing when logged out
  • Fixed local network crash that happens while handling a corrupt clipboard
  • Improved reconnection for the auto-config service
  • Improved core auto switch time from 15 seconds to 5 seconds


  • Introduced a brand new config app which anyone can use
  • New network layer to enable sharing from any computer
  • Runs in the background on all operating systems
  • New certificate based SSL encryption which is more reliable