Use Cases

Why Synergy?

Join millions of customers using Synergy to bring a seamless experience to their multi-computer workstation at home or in the office.

Our Users

Our users are people just like you, frustrated with the difficulties of using multiple mice and keyboards at their desks. Synergy makes tasks more efficient, saves space, reduces the amount spent on expensive hardware and allows users to move easily between their computers, even on different operating systems.

  • Programmers
  • Sysadmins
  • Financial Traders
  • Security
  • Creatives
  • Engineers
  • Healthcare / Medical Research
  • Gamers


Typically running multiple OS installations across a number of computers can cause headaches for programmers. Synergy allows users to set up a single mouse and computer and move easily between whichever computers they have running.


Monitoring the health of an enterprise level system requires a number of tools that sysadmins need to run simultaneously. Synergy allows users to run multiple computers and link up all their monitors to create a powerful control center.

Financial Traders

Not only do many of our trader users require multiple screens for a complete view of performance, but they often also have multiple computers at their desk running backups. Synergy allows these separate computers and monitors to be brought together at one workstation.


Our users work in situations where they need to monitor a number of different events simultaneously. The challenge of this is that many events are happening in real time, so users have to be able to respond quickly and effectively to alerts, and system outputs. Synergy helps to bring multiple computers together and reduce clutter in environments where space is at a premium.


Our users work across many different facets of the creative spectrum. We like to think that Synergy has had a hand in creating animation output that you might recognise from Pixar Studios or the latest marketing campaign from your favorite brand.
Whether its is a designer who needs 2 a Mac and Windows PC to use different applications or a video editor who needs a secondary machine to render high quality video, Synergy is there to help.  


Trains, planes and automobiles! Synergy is used by users at big civil engineering projects like dams, airports and rail stations to monitor and manage systems that keep people safe and everything moving.

Healthcare / Medical Research

Our users in the healthcare and research space have varying needs and requirements. We have helped users to configure bespoke patient monitoring systems that use multiple inputs to present dashboards so that staff can observe and take action remotely. Synergy is a very popular tool in research laboratories, which are frequently lacking in usable space and can require huge computational power to run complicated systems and write information to huge databases.


Some of our most avid and long term users are gamers. Many of these users have built gaming rigs and find that Synergy provides a great software solution to a common problem of needing multiple mice and keyboards to run different computers. Synergy is very popular for Twitch streamers who need to ensure no latency by running a streaming and gaming computer side by side.

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