Synergy Use Cases – How Synergy is Used

A few use cases for Synergy, so you can see how it’s used in the real world…



Working as a Software Engineer, Nick is part of the YouTube virtual reality team at Google. He uses multiple workstations for engineering, and Synergy combines them into one cohesive experience.

I have multiple engineering desktops (Windows and Linux) and a work laptop (Mac, switching to Windows soon). It is extremely sweet to be able to use one mouse and keyboard for all of them. Synergy is a great solution.

– Nick Beck, Google



Michael, works at Intel as a Validation Engineer for their Chrome OS products. The KVM switch is a thing of the past now that he uses Synergy!

My team members and I use Synergy because we develop on Linux machines and check emails on a Windows machine. Thus Synergy helps us bridge the gap between the two devices and mitigate the usage of a KVM box.

– Michael Cheng, Intel



As a Haptic Hardware Engineer, Vu first used Synergy while at Stanford and now uses it at Apple to handle multiple computers.

Without elaborating too much, I use it to have a single mouse and keyboard for handling multiple workstations at a time. I also used Synergy a lot in college. Thanks for the years of support!

– Vu Hong, Apple



Spencer designs medical equipment in the Neuro, Spine, and ENT (NSE) business unit at Stryker Instruments. He uses Synergy to control 2 computers with 3 screens.

Overall Synergy has been great since I have both a Windows laptop connected to workstation and a Windows desktop at my desk.  I have 3 total monitors at my desk; laptop screen (Server), monitor connected to laptop (Server), and monitor connected to my desktop (Client).  Synergy allows me to control my desktop with my laptop keyboard and mouse.

– Spencer Wiard, Stryker


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