Synergy Testimonials – What Customers Think

Here’s what our users say about Synergy…



With 3 computers at his desk (2 macOS and a Windows machine), Ben is a serious Synergy user. His work at Microsoft as a C# developer requires him to copy and paste between his computers regularly which Synergy allows him to do, adding massive productivity to his workflow.

I have an iMac as the host, with another iMac to the left, and a Windows machine to the right. When I am using my MacBook or SP4, those live underneath the iMacs. The biggest plus for me is the reliable clipboard persistence across the systems. It is a critical component in my workflow and a boon to my productivity.

– Ben Beckley, Microsoft



Oracle are renowned for their cross-platform software development. As an Application Developer, Chandan is responsible for developing JAVA based multi-tier applications. He uses Synergy to save time when switching between computers, giving him a more seamless software development experience.

I am using Synergy with a Windows machine as server and a MacBook as client. So far, it is going really smooth and I have not faced any problem. Also I really like it when people drop by my desk and wonder “How is he doing it?”

– Chandan Bansal, Oracle


343 Industries

The making of the legendary video game Halo requires many different operating systems. It’s Kyle’s job to implement and mix sound effects and other audio for the Microsoft subsidiary, 343 Industries. Synergy is an essential part of building games at 343, eliminating the need for clunky KVM switches.

I am a sound designer here at 343 Industries (makers of Halo, owned by Microsoft) and we all use Synergy so we can use one mouse and keyboard for both of our workstations. We do production/design on a Mac and integration on the PC. Synergy allows us to switch seamlessly between the two without the need for an annoying switcher box.

– Kyle Fraser, 343 Industries (Microsoft)



L3 Communications

Reed works in Systems Engineering at L3 Communications, managing the design, development and testing of technical products and systems at L3. His software engineer uses Synergy to eliminate the tedium of moving between computers. With Synergy, Reed improved productivity in his team.

We are using your product in one of our labs to aid the work that my software developer is doing.  He has to monitor several processes and measurements at once which required more than one PC.  Having to move between computers was tedious, so he requested your software product.  He is very pleased with how it is working. We do see a number of similar circumstances in our testing and verification work that we do here that can benefit from your software.

– Reed Burningham, L-3 Communications


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