Use a Laptop as a Second Screen

We’ve all been there, you still need your trusty desktop computer for the heavy lifting, but you also need the agile mobility of your laptop. So what do you do? Get a laptop stand and sit it next to your PC.

Then you get to thinking: “Now, how do I use my laptop as a 2nd screen so I don’t need to reach over to the laptop’s keyboard?”

Well, here’s how you do it…

  1. Connect both computers to the same network
  2. Get yourself a copy of Synergy
  3. Configure the desktop as server in Synergy
  4. Then set up the laptop in client mode
  5. Connect the client to the server

Hey presto! You can now control your laptop using the mouse and keyboard from your desktop. You can also copy and paste between your computers too. No more reaching over to the laptop to type! Seamless.