Synergy releases

Increase your productivity

With Synergy, you can finally build software across all your computers using only one keyboard and mouse. Staying on top of tight deadlines and ever-changing project requirements has never been easier.

Develop better software

Synergy gives you the ability to efficiently review your code and find errors across different production environments. The result is a higher quality software product for your end-users.

Share one mouse and keyboard between multiple computers

Secure your data

Whether you're working on a weekly sprint or a large-scale software launch, you can rest assured that your data will be kept secure. SSL/TLS enterprise-grade security comes standard with Synergy's business license.

Latest stable release

Computer Network

Synergy 1.12.0

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Work in progress

Synergy 1.13.0 Release Candidate

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Synery 1.13.0 Release Candidate