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Access to Synergy 3 is granted through either the Synergy or Synergy Ultimate license displayed on your account page. This is also known as your maintenance license. To use the Synergy 3 license, simply download and install Synergy 3, then enter your email and password when Synergy 3 starts. This will automatically use the correct license from your account.


Synergy 3 RC1

Latest version: 3.0.72 RC1
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Synergy 1
RC1 is a release candidate (not GA/stable)
Synergy 3 is still in the release candidate stage of development, and is not the final version (also known as stable or GA, meaning 'general availability'). It may contain bugs that affect the stability of the software.

We're currently working on Synergy 3 RC2 (the 2nd release candidate) for Synergy 3 which we expect will be considerably more stable than Synergy 3 RC1. We plan to release Synergy 3 RC2 in July.

We would like to encourage you to try Synergy 3 RC1, but if you have any problems, then please either contact us for technical support or use Synergy 1 instead (which is GA/stable).
Known bug in RC1 (release candidate 1)
If you’re upgrading from either Synergy 1 or the alpha/beta version of Synergy 3, then please remove any existing Synergy installations first and reboot your computer before installing Synergy 3 RC1. Our development team is currently working on this issue and will be releasing a new version soon (RC2) to ensure that upgrades are painless in future.

Synergy 3 is new software (launched on 31st May 2023), so please accept our apologies for any inconvenience and thanks for your patience while we solve these early post-launch problems. If you need help, please contact our technical support team who work closely with the development team to solve customer problems.


Windows 10 or higher


macOS 10.14 or higher
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*Flatpak support is experimental.