Synergy Business

Licensing for businesses and enterprise organizations

What is a Synergy Business license?

A Synergy Business license allows you to use the software at your place of work. Bring all the benefits of Synergy to your organization with a Synergy Business license.


  • Priority Business Support
  • Volume Pricing
  • Account Manager
  • Enterprise Deployment
  • High Grade Security
  • Migration Support

Priority Business Support

We offer priority technical support to all of our business license holders to ensure you can get the support you need. With a dedicated support email address and initial response time within 1 hour, we ensure a timely response.

Volume Pricing

We offer volume discounts to institutions who want to purchase Synergy for multiple users or multiple years. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help your business.

Account Manager

Enterprise customers get a dedicated account manager to ensure you are getting the most out of Synergy. We love seeing our software in action, if you are doing something really cool we may even come and visit!

Enterprise Deployment

If you’d like to deploy Synergy across an enterprise environment then we want to hear about it. We’ll guide you through the process with an account manager and our tech team.


Like all editions of Synergy, business licensing supports Windows, macOS, and Linux, allowing all major operating systems to be used.

High Grade Security

Compared to Synergy Basic edition, using Synergy Business provides TLS/SSL encryption across the network, so you can use with confidence on any hardware.

Migration Support

If you are using an alternative keyboard and mouse sharing product currently then we can support in onboarding to Synergy. If there are any specific issues you are facing with other software then we can offer a trial to see how Synergy can solve them.

Get started

Contact the team today to learn more about Synergy Business licensing. We can schedule a demo, or provide you with a trial license.