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Synergy for Business Purchase FAQ

How does it work?

This page allows you to purchase a personal license for yourself, for use on your own hardware. As stated by our license term (EULA), if you are installing the Synergy software on hardware belonging to a business or organization, then you must purchase the Synergy for Business subscription. If you want to purchase Synergy for Business, please contact us.

How long does my personal license last?

For the personal license, you will get lifetime download access to Synergy 1 (the current major version). When the next major version is released, you will still have download access to Synergy 1 but will need to upgrade to get access to next major version. There will be a reduced upgrade price for existing Synergy 1 customers. We plan to provide essential security updates to Synergy 1 for up to 2 years after we release the next major version. If you want to purchase Synergy for Business, please contact us.

What are the system requirements?

Synergy is software that works directly over the LAN (local area network) using either Ethernet or WiFi, so your computers need to be on the same network. You won't need any special hardware but each computer needs to have it's own screen as there's no video sharing feature. We support widely available versions of Windows, macOS, Linux, and Raspberry Pi. An internet connection is not required for Synergy 1. See the System Requirements page for more information.

Do you provide technical support?

Synergy for Business gives organizations access to priority support and deployment assistance, please contact us for more information on business licensing and support. Personal license holders relieve non-priority technical support. Synergy for Business priority support (business license users) receive a 2 hour response time bound by our business SLA (service level agreement). We normally respond to personal license (non-business) users within 48 hours, but during busy periods this may take longer.