Technical Support Agent (Tier 1)

Customer Experience
Remote job (UK time)

Join our growing team, learn new skills, and help us to delight our customers through thoughtfully investigating interesting technical support problems.


  • Type: Remote (employee or contractor)
  • Hours: Full-time
  • Term: Permanent
  • Salary: Competitive (£24k to £26k)

Team members within the UK are hired as employees, and team members outside of the UK are hired as contractors. This role is remote/distributed and can be done from any location that aligns closely with the UK time zone (GMT/BST).

More about the role

As a Technical Support Agent (Tier 1) at Symless, your focus will be on 1st line technical support, deeply understanding customer issues, carefully gathering information, and working with Tier 2 to solve customer problems. As well as being the first line for technical product troubleshooting, you'll also be assisting our valuable customers with issues related to their website accounts such as purchase, license, and download issues.

Social media and forums are also very important customer-facing channels that need to be tended to daily. You'll also be engaging with customers on Twitter and Facebook, and you’ll become an active member of the user community on Slack, Discord, and various forums. If you love talking to all kinds of people while solving interesting problems, this is the role you should apply for.

About Symless and Synergy

Our mission at Symless is to make great apps for people who have multiple computers. Since 2012, Symless has proudly developed Synergy, an app that shares one mouse, one keyboard, and one clipboard between multiple computers. As well as having over 2 million users worldwide, it's also used at some pretty neat companies like Apple, Pixar, Disney, Google, Amazon, and many more. That said, we're actually a very small company of 10 people, so you won't get lost in the crowd.

Key responsibilities

  • Help customers with account issues
  • Respond to customers via social media
  • Ensure no post on online communities goes unanswered
  • Help to build our online communities with thoughtful engagement

Skills and experience

If you have most of the following skills and experience, we would welcome your application:

  • Friendly and helpful personality with excellent written and spoken English
  • Experience with troubleshooting technical problems, preferably in a customer support environment
  • Working knowledge of client-server applications and/or network administration (firewalls, IP addresses, DNS, etc.)
  • Experience contributing to knowledge management articles
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with fluency in English
  • Experience with online support ticketing platforms, e.g. Zendesk, desired but not essential
  • Any experience with Windows, Mac, or Linux administration, shell-scripting, etc. is an advantage

FAQs from candidates

What is a typical day in the role?

A day in the Tier 1 support role would typically start with triaging tickets to find those urgent ones that need immediate attention. Then you'd work your way through the B2B tickets, which often need some sales/dev collaboration (so you may schedule a call with a team member). Then the B2C tickets, which there are a lot more of compared to B2B. Some of your tickets may involve searching the knowledge base for answers, or even searching on our forums. You'd also need to switch between our ticketing system and our online communities to answer any questions from customers who didn't want to open a ticket. If it's on the day where you have the weekly knowledge base review, then all the developers are on the call, so this is the time to ask those difficult technical questions, ask for bugs to be prioritized, etc. If it's on the day of your weekly manager 1:1, then this is when you'd ask about things related to getting help in the role, etc. To wrap up the day, you scheduled one of your weekly "Donut" meetups, which is where we automatically match up random team members to share a coffee together and get to know each other personally.

What are the career progression opportunities?

From Tier 1 support (initial triaging and troubleshooting), the logical next step in terms of career progression is Tier 2 (knowledge management and getting more involved in developer discussions). Compared to a large company, in a small business, there isn't a lot of scope to move around, but there are opportunities to play a significant role in software development (as the company grows, more development-related roles open up) from project management to writing actual code. As we grow as a business (which you can have an impact on), leadership positions do also open up, so for example, our Director of Operations started as our Financial Consultant. In a small business like ours, you may not move around as much (as you would in a large business), but when you do move up in the org chart, it usually comes with a significant amount more responsibility!

Our recruitment journey

Team member and people-person, Nicola Mains-Sheard will guide you through the whole process. With deep knowledge about Symless and the Synergy Team, she's able to give you a good idea about what it's like to work with us.

Recruitment Synergy

Start by applying online


Recruiter call & assignment

Let’s chat! We carefully screen your application, ask you to complete a short assignment, and get to know each other on a short call.


Hiring manager interview

Let’s get to know each other even better. We'll test your skills and also see how well you align with our Leadership Principles.


Meet the CEO

Fantastic, you are on to the final step , a short chat with our CEO who will have some follow-up questions based on your progress so far.


Job offer

Welcome aboard! We will make an offer to the successful candidate.

Open positions at Symless

Join us on our journey, taking Synergy to the next level.

Leadership principles synergy

Leadership Principles

Everyone on the team follows a set of principles

These are principles that we follow, and they're not just fluffy ideas we aspire to; this is how we actually behave. Our whole recruitment process, leadership philosophy, and day to day life aligns with and is based around our Leadership Principles.

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How well do you align?

Perks & benefits

Benefits to being part of the Symless team

  • Competitive salary
  • Salary/rate reviews once per year
  • Professional development opportunities
  • An environment in which your ideas and professional opinions are valued
  • Casual yet motivated and passion-filled work environment
  • Collaborative, creative, and fun team atmosphere
  • Contractors are part of the team, not outsiders
  • Fully remote working environment
  • Work with a very talented team

Synergy is what we're known for

Learn about Synergy

We make an app called Synergy. If you have any questions, please contact us.