Input Director – Software KVM to Control Multiple Computers

Input Director is a software KVM used to control multiple windows systems with one keyboard and mouse. With this software, you can share one keyboard and mouse across multiple Windows systems.


Like Input Director, Synergy is also a software KVM that shares one mouse and one keyboard between multiple computers, allowing you to control many systems at the same time. You can also copy and paste between your computers.

Synergy supports Mac and Linux as well as Windows. Instead of using plain AES encryption, Synergy goes one step further to use full-blown SSL which has a built in mechanism against replay attacks (something that straight up AES can be vulnerable to).

Synergy has an auto configure feature, so you’re up and running much faster (no need to play around with IP addresses). Once you’re up and running, you can also swap keys on controlled computers, such as swapping the Mac command key and control key (in case you want to control+C to copy on a Mac).

You can also drag and drop files between your computers.

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