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Synergy 1

This guide shows you how to share log links with us.

Important: If you're using Synergy 2, the process is a little different, so please follow the guide: Sending Logs in Synergy 2

Please follow these steps for each computer, as we'll need a log link for each:

  1. Open the Synergy 1 config app (the main app)
  2. Right-click the log area and click Select All
  3. Right-click again, and click Copy
  4. Go to and paste your log
  5. Click Submit and share the URL in your response
  6. Repeat the steps above for all of your computers
  7. For each log, let us know the computer name and OS version

Note: Please do not paste logs contents directly in your reply, as they may not show properly when read.

Sending us the log links is a really important step in helping us diagnose problems with Synergy 1. We ask for the log links with any technical support ticket, or if you're asking for help on the forums.

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